Why look so down? Why have a frown? Im here for you! Just say the word or snap your fingers, ill be by your side. Life is like a rollercoaster, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Sure there will be bumps and loops, but that doesnt mean you can feel done and hop off. It might take a while to get your smile back , but just remember this. There is only one of you in this universe, you are special in every way. So why try to act like someone else, or try to impress someone for them to like you? If you want them to like you for you, be yourself! Today i want you to live like there is no tomorrow!

Well im a girl that was born into Christianity. Im greatful for that because the percent of becoming a christian when youre 15+ is 14%, And the ages 4-14 have a 85% chance of becoming a Christian. I understand that not everyone is a Christian… Im not trying to post things that makes people offended, im going to start posting things that encourage faith and new relationships. i hope everyone has a chance to understand why us Christian brothers and sisters take our relationship with God and talking about him seriously, and i hope that everyone feels like they deserve to be happy and confident in themselves. Have a great day!!!